Development Expertise and Software to Get You To and Through the FDA

The results of successful R&D efforts in the life sciences industry are a broad set of complex documentation that tells a story about a drug or product. This documentation requires scientific, development, and regulatory expertise to clearly articulate the product potential while executing on the development strategy.


Facet’s Development Champions routinely interact with the FDA on behalf of clients, bringing nonclinical, clinical, CMC and regulatory expertise to drive development efforts.


Gemstone eDMS speeds up critical R&D document authoring while ensuring the security and compliance of valuable research and proprietary documentation.

Why Facet Life Sciences

Facet Life Sciences supports your development goals with expert development services. We help you to create the strategy, execute the plan, author, store and manage evolving R&D documentation and protect your valuable research assets as you move toward your next development milestone.

Successfully Provide Expert Guidance and Practical Tools

Innovative Regulatory Strategies for Your Valuable Asset

Manage Complex Compliance Documents

Efficiently Control and Track R&D Documentation

Solutions for the quickest path to your next development milestone

Getting you to and through the FDA

Simple, secure and compliant document management

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