Facet Gemstone

Facet Gemstone is a novel Electronic Document Management System (eDMS). Built entirely in the cloud, Gemstone is a SaaS-based solution with no installation or downloads required. The solution is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and because it is cloud-based, the traditional “installed software” assumptions associated with validating an eDMS do not apply. The intuitive user interface streamlines the user experience and facilitates rapid adoption across teams.


The rationale behind Facet Gemstone is to offer a simple document management solution for small teams that supports the complex development document lifecycle. Facet Gemstone is the essential productivity tool for R&D professionals. It enables content driven processes with simple, secure and compliant features.

Pre-Built Structures Using Industry Standards

Enables E-Submission Planning

Scalable, Right-Sized, Technology

Secure, Compliant, and Always Available